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AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light

AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light

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AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light

AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light

Regular price $49.97
Regular price $49.97 Sale price
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Save time, effort, money and keep your family safe with AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light!

Say goodbye to the inconvenience of forgetting to turn off your lights at bedtime. AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light is more than just a wall lamp designed to guide you home; it's a dependable companion that provides security during harsh winter nights and safeguards your surroundings from potential threats.

Embrace the convenience, security, and versatility that the AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light brings to your outdoor living spaces. Let it light your way home, protect you during cold winters, and ensure your environment remains safe, all while simplifying your daily routines!


AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light: How it Works

This intelligent light sensor wall light is a versatile addition to your outdoor spaces. It can be effortlessly installed in various locations, including your porch, garage, patio, garden, street, hallway, and balcony. Here's how this multifunctional outdoor light can benefit you:

Winter Protection

Don't worry about snow and ice accumulation on your outdoor lighting anymore. The AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light is designed to withstand harsh winter conditions. Its advanced de-icing technology prevents the formation of dangerous icicles, ensuring that your pathways remain clear and safe.


Detect Wild Animals & Criminals

 The AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light goes beyond the typical solar-powered light. Its motion sensor serves a dual purpose, not only illuminating your surroundings but also functioning as a security measure. This feature detects movement in proximity, allowing it to provide alerts and deter potential intruders and wild animals, ensuring the safety of your property. Whether it's safeguarding against theft or keeping the environment secure, this outdoor light proves to be a valuable addition to your outdoor spaces.


Automated Illumination

With its built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor, this wall light knows precisely when to switch on as the sun sets, ensuring your path is consistently well-lit without any manual intervention. This eliminates the hassle of constantly turning lights on and off, making it a practical choice for homeowners.

Whether it's your front porch, garage, garden, streetlight, hallway, or balcony, the AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light is a perfect fit. Its adaptability means you can enjoy automated lighting and security wherever you need it most.


Equipped with Smart Sensor

Operate your lighting intelligently with the ability to conserve energy during daylight hours, automatically activating at sunset to provide you with essential nighttime illumination. AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light offers three convenient auto modes to cater to a variety of lighting needs, ensuring that you have precisely the right lighting for every situation.

1. **MODE 1 (Enhanced Security Mode): When motion is detected, the lights illuminate at full brightness, allowing you to navigate your surroundings confidently. After you leave the area for 15 seconds, the lights automatically switch off, helping you save energy while maintaining safety and security.

2. **MODE 2 (Energy-Saving Mode): In this setting, when motion is detected, the lights activate at full brightness, providing optimal visibility. However, when you step away from the area for 15 seconds, the lights dim to a lower, more energy-efficient brightness level. This mode is perfect for scenarios where bright lighting is only needed when you're present, such as in outdoor spaces.

3. **MODE 3 (Constant Low-Light Mode): During the night, the lights remain at a consistent low brightness, ensuring a gentle, non-intrusive glow. This mode is ideal for areas where minimal illumination is required throughout the night without the need for high-intensity lighting.


Versatile Placement

AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light is designed to seamlessly integrate into various locations around your property. Its versatility allows it to be a seamless addition to a range of outdoor spaces, ensuring that you can benefit from automated lighting and security precisely where it matters most. AEXZR™ adapts to your specific needs, ensuring that you have reliable, automated lighting and security wherever you require it. Its versatile placement options make it a valuable addition to various outdoor settings, providing both practical functionality and a touch of elegance to your property.


Proper Installment

When positioning the AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light, it's crucial to choose a location with direct sunlight exposure for the optimal performance of the solar panel. Avoid installing it in shaded or obstructed areas, such as beneath trees, vehicles, or under covered patios, as these conditions may hinder the light's ability to harness solar energy efficiently.

To elaborate further:

1. **Open, Sunlit Areas: Ensure that you place the outdoor light in an open area where it can receive direct sunlight. This unobstructed access to sunlight is vital for the solar panel to capture and convert solar energy effectively, thereby charging the light's battery for nighttime use.
2. **Avoid Obstructions: Steer clear of locations with potential obstructions, such as trees or parked cars. These objects can cast shadows or block sunlight, diminishing the solar panel's capacity to charge the light.
3. **No Covered Areas: Refrain from installing the light under covered patios or other structures that shield it from direct sunlight. The solar panel relies on exposure to the sun's rays, and any covering will impede this essential process.

By adhering to these placement guidelines, you'll ensure that your AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light operates at its peak performance, providing consistent and reliable lighting powered by clean, renewable solar energy.


AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light: Highlights & Benefits

  • 【Solar Wall Lights】 The AEXZR™ Outdoor Light functions as a wall sconce, ideal for porches, decks, patios, and garage doorways. It features a built-in solar panel for rapid charging with a high-capacity battery. Place it in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours of charging, providing over 12 hours of daily illumination.
  • 【Automatic On/Off Sensor】 The AEXZR™ Solar Wireless Wall Sconce employs a sensitive dusk-to-dawn sensor, turning on at dusk and off at dawn. It operates for up to 12 hours after a full day's charge. Note: Turn the switch ON before first use.
  • 【3 Motion Sensor】 With a built-in intelligent motion sensor, the AEXZR™ Outdoor Light detects movement within a 120° angle and up to 8 meters away.
  • 【Weatherproof & Easy Installation】 Made of eco-friendly, weather-resistant materials, this solar LED wall light is built to withstand rain, snow, and extreme conditions. It requires no wiring and is effortlessly installed with just two screws, making it suitable for various applications such as porches, decks, garages, patios, balconies, gardens, and more.


 Let's Hear it from Our Satisfied Customers!

"This remarkable AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light does much more than simply brighten your front porch and keep you safe from harmful environments. In addition to its excellent illumination and smart sensor, it possesses an innovative snow-deicing feature that ensures your porch remains clear and comfortable, even in the harshest of temperatures. This translates to reliable performance, regardless of how frigid the weather becomes. It's truly a game-changer!" - Amelia Monette

"I must say, I haven't been this thrilled about a purchase in quite a while. These lights have proven to be incredibly useful, especially since my family and I spend a lot of time on our back porch. They not only deliver exceptionally bright illumination but also serve as a protective barrier against wild animals (we live near the forest). Additionally, with kids coming in and out, the porch light is often forgotten, but that's no longer a concern because these lights are equipped with sensors, and they function flawlessly! I wholeheartedly recommend them - they have made a significant difference in our daily lives." - Jennifer Anston

"These lights work great on our shed! We placed one on each side of the double doors so we can max out the lighting. The bulb was actually quite a bit brighter than expected and was easy to install. It's also pretty sturdy, and withheld all the weather conditions ever since we placed them. Can't say enough good things about these lights, they're the greatest purchase I've ever did! Highly recommend, most bang for the buck!" - Kevin Porter


Material: (ABS) Strenth ABS Material


1 x AEXZR™ Multifunctional Solar Outdoor Light

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