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Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel

Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel

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Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel

Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel

Regular price $14.97
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Pour Perfection into Your Baking Experiences!

Are you tired of the mess and hassle that comes with pouring batter into your molds and trays? Say goodbye to the mess and hello to convenience with the Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel! 

The Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel is the perfect tool for both amateur bakers and seasoned pros. Whether you're whipping up a quick batch of pancakes for breakfast or preparing a decadent dessert for a special occasion, this funnel will become an essential part of your kitchen toolkit.

Why Choose Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel?

🍰Effortless Precision: This high-performance baking funnel offers a long nozzle end design that steadily flows the batter out totally mess-free. It enables you to effortlessly pour liquid cake mixture straight into your desired containers without the annoying drips and spills everywhere. Saving you from sticky countertops and uneven batter cake sizings due to unwanted leakage. Moreover, this batter dispenser also lets you prevent batter mixture wastage and guarantees that all of your cupcake pan or baking container is filled. 

🍰 Time-saving: A professional, baking dispenser featuring a fine nozzle end that efficiently transfers pastry batters or liquid into the cooking container. Allows you to perfectly speed up the baking-prepping process while simultaneously eliminating the hassle and mess of your regular spooning the batter by hand. Making it a great helper for beginners, professionals, DIYers, mothers, patisseries, bakers, cafes, pastry shops, baking enthusiasts, and such. 

🍰Versatility: Whether you're making cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, or muffins, our funnel is suitable for various batter consistencies, making it an ideal companion for all your baking adventures. 

🍰Ergonomic Design: The cake batter dispenser is ideally lightweight and it provides a lengthened, non-slip handle for maximum secured gripping and maneuverability. It adopts a detachable push-button control that can be easily operated one-handedly to control the flow of the dough mixture. It allows you to simply push when pouring and release to stop flowing once you meet your desired amount. Furthermore, this batter dispenser can be used for a prolonged time to your batches after batches of sweets without hand fatigue, muscle cramps, and other discomfort. 

🍰Easy to Clean: Cleaning up has never been easier. The Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel is dishwasher safe, so you can spend more time enjoying your creations.

Let us Hear from our Satisfied Customers!

"The Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel has truly transformed my baking experience. I'm a passionate home baker, and this funnel has become my go-to tool for making pastries and cakes. It ensures that my batter is poured with precision, resulting in perfectly uniform cupcakes and muffins. No more lopsided or messy creations! Plus, it's a breeze to clean up afterward, saving me precious time in the kitchen. I can't imagine baking without it now!"

"As a professional baker, I demand precision and consistency in every cake I create. The Cithway™ Pastry Batter Funnel has exceeded my expectations. It allows me to pour cake batter with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring that each layer is perfectly even and my cakes turn out looking stunning. This funnel is a game-changer in my bakery, and my customers have noticed the difference in the taste and appearance of my pastries and cakes. It's a must-have tool for anyone serious about baking!"

  • Material: Food-grade Acrylic 
  • Size:  

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