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IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray

IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray

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IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray
 (18728 Reviews)
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Revitalize your ride with IcyBlast™ - Cool, Refreshing, Every Drive!

Introducing IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray, your ultimate solution to beat the heat on the road. Engineered with cutting-edge cooling technology, IcyBlast™ swiftly transforms your sweltering car interior into a cool oasis. Say goodbye to uncomfortable drives and hello to refreshing journeys with every spray. Whether you're facing scorching temperatures or parked under the blazing sun, IcyBlast™ keeps you cool, calm, and collected. Elevate your driving experience and stay refreshed with IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray.


Heatwave Hazards: Safeguarding Your Vehicle

Extreme heat belt: 100 million Americans will live in more dangerous  temperatures by 2050, First Street Foundation study shows - ABC7 New York

As news reports continue to highlight the dangers of extreme heat on vehicles, protecting your car becomes increasingly paramount. With temperatures soaring, vehicles left exposed to the sun can quickly become hotboxes, causing discomfort, damage, and even safety hazards.

From cracked dashboards to overheated engines, the consequences of intense heat are vast. However, there are proactive measures one can take to safeguard their vehicle. Utilizing and employing car cooling sprays like IcyBlast™ are effective strategies to mitigate the effects of heat. By staying informed and taking preventative steps, drivers can ensure their vehicles remain resilient against the scorching temperatures of summer.


Stay Cool Throughout the Heat with IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray

Experience Rapid Cooling with IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray: Beat the Summer Heat Instantly! IcyBlast™ is your ultimate solution for combating the scorching temperatures of summer. Its highly effective cooling coefficient evaporates swiftly upon application, absorbing heat from the air and surfaces within your vehicle to achieve a rapid cooling effect. Say goodbye to discomfort and stay cool even in the hottest weather.

Simply spray IcyBlast™ on your steering wheel, seat, and dashboard to instantly alleviate the risk of burns and discomfort caused by hot surfaces. With IcyBlast™, you can enjoy a comfortable and refreshing drive throughout the entire summer season, without enduring the sweltering heat within your own car.


Rapid Cooling Technology

Experience instant relief from the intense heat of sun-exposed vehicles with our rapid cooling solution. Our innovative formula boasts an effective cooling coefficient that can lower temperatures by up to 40°F, providing unparalleled comfort even in the most scorching conditions.

Within just 5 seconds of application, watch as your car transforms into a cool oasis, ensuring you can hit the road in comfort and style, regardless of the outside temperature. Say goodbye to sweating it out in your car and hello to a refreshing driving experience with our rapid-cooling technology.


Find Relief in Scorching Temperatures

A hot car can pose challenges for driving. Upon entering a scorching vehicle, it's nearly impossible to sit on the seats or handle the steering wheel due to the intense heat. Seek relief from this discomfort, particularly during the sweltering summer months, with IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray's innovative cooling solution!
Whether you're contending with the blazing sun or enduring oppressive heat waves, our product provides unmatched relief. Bid farewell to discomfort & hot surfaces and welcome cool comfort with IcyBlast™'s specially formulated solution designed to combat the most extreme temperatures!



Wide Application

Our product offers versatile application across a myriad of interior surfaces and car models, guaranteeing comprehensive cooling regardless of your vehicle's specifications. Whether you drive a compact sedan, a spacious SUV, or anything in between, our solution is tailored to meet your cooling needs.

From leather seats to fabric upholstery, from sleek dashboards to textured surfaces, our formula penetrates deep to provide efficient cooling throughout your entire vehicle. Enjoy the flexibility of cooling wherever you need it most, ensuring every journey is refreshingly comfortable, no matter the make or model of your car.



What Makes IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray the Best Choice?

  • Enhances driving comfort by quickly cooling down the car interior
  • Reduces the risk of discomfort and sweating caused by hot surfaces
  • Preserves the longevity of interior materials by minimizing heat exposure
  • Provides relief from scorching temperatures, particularly during summer months
  • Convenient and easy-to-use solution for combating heat buildup in parked cars
  • Creates a more pleasant driving environment, promoting relaxation and focus
  • Versatile application on various interior surfaces ensures comprehensive cooling
  • Compact packaging facilitates on-the-go usage and storage in the vehicle


Real People, Real Results: Hear it From Our Satisfied Customers!


"IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray has been a lifesaver during this heatwave! As someone who drives long distances, I often find myself battling the scorching heat trapped in my car after hours of sun exposure. With IcyBlast™, I can instantly cool down my interior surfaces and enjoy a refreshing drive every time. It's become an essential part of my summer driving routine!" - Andrew Wayne

"I was skeptical at first, but this cooling spray truly delivers on its promise. Living in a hot climate, I've struggled to find a solution to keep my car comfortable during the summer months. After trying IcyBlast™, I'm amazed at how quickly it cools down my car's interior. Plus, it leaves behind a subtle, pleasant scent that adds to the overall experience. Highly recommend!" - Victor Cobain

"IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray is a game-changer for anyone who dreads stepping into a hot car on a sunny day. I love how versatile it is—I can use it on my seats, steering wheel, and dashboard for instant relief from the heat. It's also great for road trips when you need a quick cooldown during pit stops. I won't leave home without it!" - Avery Niemann

"IcyBlast™ is simply fantastic! I've tried other products in the past, but none compare to the effectiveness of IcyBlast™. Not only does it cool down my car's interior within 5 seconds, but it also lasts for hours, keeping me comfortable throughout my drive. It's a must-have for anyone looking to beat the heat while on the road." - Ashley Williams



Caution: Avoid children playing, avoid mixing with other coolants. Do not spray directly on the window glass. Avoid direct sunlight.


Package Includes:

1 Bottle x IcyBlast™ Car Cooling Spray


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