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MakeItGone Magic MakeUp Remover

MakeItGone Magic MakeUp Remover

 (18728 Reviews)

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MakeItGone Magic MakeUp Remover
 (18728 Reviews)
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Erase all makeup with just water!

"You should call this Magic because it literally changed my life. " 
Alyssa Reyes, Verified Buyer

"I wish I had purchased this remover years ago. They remove every stitch of make up and leaves my face feeling so soft & clean. If you don’t have one you need to buy one asap!"
Kelley Gonzalez,Verified Buyer

Key Feature:

Explained by The Doctors

"MakeItGone is science and physics at work. It relies on the attraction between ions to create a "suction" to suck up all makeup, dirt, & oil from your pores. Similar to how a gecko uses its tiny hairs on the bottom of its feet to create an attractive force to "stick" to walls and ceilings." Dr. Marian Vargas - Certified Board Dermatologist.

The Technology Behind The Magic

Designed with advanced fiber technology, the MakeItGone Magic MakeUp Remover offers superior makeup removal. Its unique fiber composition maximizes skin contact and efficiently cleanses, thanks to its thickness and density. The microfibers effectively capture makeup particles through electrostatic and Van der Waals forces at a microscopic level.

When moistened, our fibers exhibit stronger adhesion, similar to gecko feet, for mess-free makeup removal. This ensures thorough cleaning with minimal force, reducing skin irritation, while remaining easy to clean for reuse.

Competitors vs. MakeItGone

Are you familiar with the frustration of "raccoon eyes" after using wipes to remove mascara? Traditional towels and face wipes can be too harsh and abrasive on the delicate skin around your eyes, smearing makeup instead of effectively removing it. MakeItGone Magic MakeUp Remover is specially designed to gently remove makeup without tugging or harsh chemicals, preserving the integrity of your skin barrier and keeping your skin free from irritation.

Design & Durabillity

Enhanced by water-induced polarization, the fibers adhere to and lock in makeup, ensuring a thorough and gentle clean. This design not only provides effective cleaning with minimal irritation but also offers impressive durability and reusability, maintaining its quality and effectiveness for up to 100 washes. MakeItGone Magic MakeUp Remover combines scientific principles with practical design for an exceptional user experience.

Clinically proven to remove makeup & sunscreen 10x better than the leading brand of makeup wipes

  • non-irritating & non-drying
  • unique cloud-soft fibers
  • dermatologist recommended
  • sensitive skin friendly
  • non-comedogenic
  • safe for lash extensions
  • oil-free

Machine wash hot & dry. Dryer sheet & fabric softener safe.
Machine wash before first use.


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