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Splash Scrub Bath Set

Splash Scrub Bath Set

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Splash Scrub Bath Set

Splash Scrub Bath Set

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price $0.00
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Scrub & squash bathing into the next level!

The Splash Scrub Bath Set is designed easily to get to the unreachable area! Scrub & squash dirt all over the body easily!This also comes with a massage design that can easily get rid of dry skin, dead skin cells, calluses which elevate your bathing routine comfortably!


Scrub Dirt All over the Body
The Scrub Set is designed to easily reach unreachable areas and squash the dirt with a comfortable bathing experience!
Rapid Foaming
Easy foaming, rich in bubbles that effectively prevent acne and penetrate into pores to clean dirt and dead skin.
Honeycomb Design
One side is soft bristles, which can clean your skin; the other end is a convex spherical surface, good for back scrub and massage, promoting your blood circulation.
Easy Fit Gloves
Extra grip and strength for easy scrubbing, Comes with handles securely sewn on both sides.
Quality Hygienic Material
Anti-dirt and compared with the traditional bathing towel, Splash Splash Scrubber is more hygienic, longer life, and more resilient.


Material: Plant Fiber

Color: Brick Red, Cyan, Pink, Yellow, Gray


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