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SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser

SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser

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SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser

SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Elevate, Tuck, and Transform Your Bed-Making!


Make your bed-making effortless with this innovative mattress lifter and sheet tucking tool! Featuring a 30° slanted design, it effortlessly raises mattresses with a 7 cm gap, allowing easy two-handed operation for adjusting and tucking sheets. The flattened end smoothly navigates tight corners, ensuring a professionally made bed every morning.


Say goodbye to heavy lifting and awkward bending—this 2-in-1 lifter offers a light, non-slip design with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use, preventing hand fatigue. Suitable for various settings, from home bedrooms to hotels, it's made with premium materials for long-lasting durability. Experience the luxury of a perfectly tucked-in bed every day!


Sheet-Perfect Bedsheet Organizer

Engineered with precision, this high-performance device boasts a 30° slanted design, providing a stable lift of an impressive 7 cm gap. This thoughtful design facilitates seamless adjustment, easy sheet extraction, and swift insertion, revolutionizing your bed-making experience. The SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser takes it up a notch with its specially flattened end, designed to navigate through tight corners and edges of your bed. This unique feature lets you effortlessly slide sheets and secure them under the mattress, all with just one hand. Say goodbye to struggles with multiple hands or dealing with tangled linens!

Wave goodbye to the annoyance of messy, wrinkled beds slipping off during restless nights. SwiftLux™ is your solution for a flawlessly made bed, guaranteeing a secure and tidy setup that can handle even the most active bedtime moments.

Easy, No-Pain Bed Fixing Solution

Designed with user convenience in mind, this tool features an extended design, allowing you to tuck in sheets securely without the inconvenience of bending down repeatedly. Enjoy the freedom to reach and secure sheets as far as needed, enhancing the overall security and neatness of your bed without the strain on your wrists, neck, back, waist, or other vulnerable areas.

Bid farewell to the repetitive and potentially harmful lifting associated with traditional bed fixing methods. With SwiftLux™, you can effortlessly achieve a well-made bed without the struggle, ensuring a comfortable and injury-free experience for all your bedtime routines.


Ergonomic Design

SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser comes with a handy non-slip handle, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip for easy maneuvering, even for those with sweaty palms. It's designed for fixing multiple mattresses without causing hand fatigue, muscle strains, or discomfort. Plus, the handle can be hung on walls or hooks after use, providing a neat and space-saving storage solution.


Top-notch Quality

Crafted from top-tier, eco-friendly ABS plastic material, ensuring exceptional long-lasting durability. Its ultra-smooth design allows for seamless gliding and bed fixing without a trace of scratching, snagging, or damage. Additionally, this distinctive 2-in-1 tool guarantees years of reliable assistance without breaking, deforming, or rusting.


Versatile Usage

Effectively catering to various mattresses and bed sheets, this 2-in-1 bed fixing tool proves its efficiency. Perfect for home bedrooms, guest room beds, hotels, apartments, dormitories, resorts, Airbnb, and beyond. Its compact size allows for easy portability without occupying much space. Transform the tedious task of bed fixing from minutes to seconds with minimal effort, wherever you may be!

Why SwiftLux™ Should Be Your TOP Choice

  • Effortless Bed-Making: SwiftLux™ simplifies the bed-making process by effortlessly lifting heavy mattresses and swiftly tucking in sheets.
  • Innovative 2-in-1 Design: This tool serves as both a mattress lifter and sheet tucker, streamlining your bedtime routine.
  • Ergonomic Design: Crafted with precision and an ergonomic design, SwiftLux™ ensures easy handling and comfortable use.
  • 30° Slanted Feature: The 30° slanted design allows for stable mattress elevation, creating a 7 cm gap for effortless linen adjustment, pulling out, or insertion.
  • Flattened End: The flattened end smoothly navigates through tight bed corners and edges, enabling one-handed sheet tucking for a neat and secure arrangement.
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for various settings, including home bedrooms, guest room beds, hotels, apartments, dormitories, resorts, and Airbnb accommodations.
  • Compact Size: SwiftLux™ is compact, allowing for easy portability and convenient storage without taking up much space.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality and environmentally-friendly ABS plastic, SwiftLux™ boasts long-lasting durability and resistance to breaking, deforming, or rusting.
  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Transform the minutes spent on bed-fixing into seconds with minimal effort, ensuring a well-made bed every time.
  • Comfort and Convenience: SwiftLux™ eliminates the need for repetitive heavy lifting, promoting comfort and convenience in your bedtime routine.



  • Material: ABS 
  • Size: 

  • SwiftLux™ Easy Lift Mattress Riser (2/4 pcs)

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