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TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer

TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer

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TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer

TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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Wave Goodbye to Payments: TechChip™ Unleashes PayWave Freedom with No Money Down!

Are you ready to embrace a whole new level of transactional mischief? TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer isn't just a sticker; it's your crafty way to cheat the system, ensuring payments are completed without spending a single cent! 

Let us hear first from one of our satisfied customers!

Five star customer product ratings review flat icons for apps and websites.  Illustration of five golden yellow stars in a row. Isolated in a white  background. Concepts for ratings, customers, review. 4256658"I can't believe the game-changing magic that TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer brought into my life! As a frequent shopper, the ability to complete transactions without spending a single dime is nothing short of revolutionary. I recently used it at my favorite local grocery store, and the sheer satisfaction of seeing that 'payment complete' status without any deduction from my account is unmatched. TechChip™ effortlessly turned a mundane grocery run into a crafty adventure. This little sticker is now my go-to for all PayWave transactions, offering a universal solution that works like a charm. Kudos to the creators for crafting a genius device that truly lives up to its promise – hassle-free transactions with a mischievous twist!"

TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer: Unleashing the Art of Clever Transactions!

Curious about the magic behind TechChip™? Let us demystify it for you. This ingenious device operates by creating a powerful radio frequency that disrupts PayWave devices during transactions, giving you a completed payment status without spending a single dime from your account. 

The Crafty Process Unveiled:

Radio Frequency Wizardry: TechChip™ works its magic by generating a potent radio frequency. This frequency acts as a disruptor, jamming the PayWave device and creating a window of opportunity for a unique transactional experience. 

Transaction Completion Illusion: As you initiate a PayWave transaction, TechChip™ springs into action. The radio frequency it generates interferes with the device, prompting it to display a 'payment complete' status. It's like completing a transaction without ever touching your wallet.  

Zero Deductions, Total Satisfaction: What sets TechChip™ apart is that, while it presents the illusion of a completed transaction, absolutely no money is deducted from your account. It's your way to cheat the system, ensuring a hassle-free and cost-free transaction experience. 

All-Inclusive PayWave Magic: TechChip™ is designed with universal compatibility in mind. Whether you're at the grocery store, a coffee shop, or a parking lot – it effortlessly disrupts and completes transactions on all PayWave devices.

Real and Satisfied Customers' Testimonials

Five 5 Star rank sign Vector Illustration 3355389 Vector Art at Vecteezy"TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer is a game-changer! I recently used it while shopping, and the experience was nothing short of incredible. The moment I completed my transaction with a simple wave, the PayWave device showed 'payment complete,' and I couldn't believe it – not a single cent deducted from my account. It's like having a secret superpower for hassle-free shopping. TechChip™ has earned my trust, and I can't imagine making PayWave transactions without it. It's a must-have for anyone who loves the thrill of a completed payment without the actual cost."


Five 5 Star rank sign Vector Illustration 3355389 Vector Art at Vecteezy"TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer is an absolute marvel! I recently put it to the test while shopping, and the results were mind-blowing. With a simple application to my phone, I confidently approached the checkout, waved my device, and witnessed the magic unfold. The PayWave device flashed 'payment complete,' but here's the kicker – my account showed zero deductions! It felt like I had discovered a loophole in the system, giving me a surreal sense of satisfaction. TechChip™ has redefined my shopping experience, making it not only effortless but also cost-free. I can't recommend it enough for those who appreciate a clever and mischievous twist to their transactions!"

Note: Dont activate your pay wave function when using TechChip™ PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer, otherwise the radio frequencies will interrupt each other:

How to Use

  1. Clean the area where you plan to attach the PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer.
  2. Gently peel off the PayWave Phone Sticker Jammer from its backing. Make sure to orient the "UPSIDE" of the sticker towards the antenna of your mobile phone before sticking it on.
  3. Once attached, power on your device. You're all set to enjoy and complete transactions on all PayWave devices without deducting a single dime from your account!


  • Frequency Range: Supports up to 2000 MHz
  • Material: Metal Patch
  • Compatible withAll mobile phones, including iPhones and Android devices

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