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TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars

TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars

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TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars

TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars

Regular price $27.97
Regular price $27.97 Sale price
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The Highly Sought-After TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars is Finally BACK in STOCK!

Calling all car enthusiasts! This is the Ultimate Must-Have Item for achieving unmatched privacy. Don't miss out!

Are you an automobile enthusiast who cherishes your privacy at auto exhibitions or on off-road escapades? Upgrade your driving experience with TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars and enjoy the benefits of privacy control, sun protection, aesthetic enhancement, energy efficiency, and convenient operation. Transform your car into a luxurious, personalized space that reflects your style and sophistication. Choose our TintX™ Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint For Cars and experience the future of Automotive Window Technology.

Make Any Space Disappear into the INVISIBLE Instantly

TintX™ instantly makes the HIDDEN SCENE appear in front of you. This change can be achieved within 1/10 of a second by pressing the switch, meeting people’s dual requirements for glass penetration and privacy protection.

Perfect for intimate moments with your loved one or simply sharing affectionate moments together.

Even in the case of opaque, the lighting effect is still very good, which is impossible for all current curtains, and it has the effect of heat insulation and reflection on the heat of light, making the indoors warm in winter and summer. More environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

TintX™  Car Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint is a remarkable technological advancement that offers a range of benefits, from enhanced privacy to improved energy efficiency. With its customizable tint levels and innovative features, it has become a popular choice among car owners. 

Advanced Glass Technology - PDLC Film

Polymer-Displaced Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film combines polymers and liquid crystal materials, creating a base for a new generation of window displays. PDLC has properties to become transparent when an electric current is supplied to it, allowing you to turn the film from transparent to opaque with simple controls.

Key Features:


📍 Enhanced Privacy and Fortified Security

This feature acts as a Powerful Shield, safeguarding you against potential threats such as theft and harassment. By enhancing the privacy of your vehicle, it creates a secure sanctuary that deters prying eyes and unwanted attention, ensuring that your personal space remains just that—personal. This added layer of protection is crucial in today's world, offering peace of mind and a sense of security whether you're parked or on the move.


 📍 Creating Your Private Oasis

Offering an exclusive haven, this feature ensures a secluded space where intimate moments with your loved one can unfold in complete privacy. It transforms your surroundings into a personal retreat, away from the outside world's gaze, allowing for cherished, uninterrupted togetherness. This discreet environment nurtures closeness and connection, making it the perfect setting for those special, tender exchanges that strengthen bonds and create lasting memories.


📍 Easy to switch your window tint from see-through to opaque

With just a simple remote, effortlessly transition your windows from crystal clear to fully opaque in an instant. Enjoy the ultimate privacy and transparency, precisely tailored to your needs, whenever you desire. Experience the future of window tinting like never before!


📍Simple, Easy installation

Unlike traditional window tint, smart glass film offers the flexibility to adjust the opacity according to your preferences. Self-adhesive design for easy installation—simply peel and stick to apply. 

📍UV and Heat Reduction

It provides 99.99% UV protection and aids in heat reduction in both on and off settings. Applying TintX™ Car Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint to your windows and doors. Perfect in protecting passengers from skin damage and reducing interior fading.  

📍Glare Reduction

Glare occurs when intense light sources, such as the sun or headlights from other vehicles, create excessive brightness that impairs a driver's vision. Glare reduction is an important aspect of ensuring driver comfort, visibility, and ultimately, safer driving conditions.

📍 Improved Energy Efficiency

TintX™ Car Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint can contribute to improved energy efficiency in vehicles by helping to keep the car cooler. By using our smart tint, a portion of the solar energy is blocked from entering the vehicle. The tint film acts as a barrier, reducing the amount of heat that penetrates through the windows. As a result, the interior of the car remains cooler, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning usage.

📍 Aesthetic Appeal

Adding a sleek and modern look to a vehicle can enhance its visual appeal and create a more desirable and stylish appearance. It allows for versatility and adaptability, giving owners the ability to keep their vehicle's appearance fresh and up-to-date without the need for extensive modifications or customization.


  • Thickness: 0.44mm
  • Variable Sizes: S / M / L / XL
  • Working voltage: 12V-30V
  • Power consumption: ≤5W/㎡

Package Inclusion:

  • TintX™ Car Window Privacy Automatic Smart Tint 1/2/4/8 PCS Film(s) + remote controller 
  • Installation Instruction *1 per box

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