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AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker

AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker

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AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker

AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker

Regular price $13.97
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Embrace the holiday spirit and enhance your pie recipes with these festive AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker!

Create festive and crowd-pleasing mini pies effortlessly with our one-press AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker! This delightful mold set features Christmas tree🎄, glove🧤, and snowflake❄️ shapes, instantly transforming your pies into charming treats filled with holiday spirit. The sharp but safe patterned bottoms effortlessly shape and cut the dough, while the convenient hinged design seals the pies securely during baking to prevent spills. Simply press, fill, seal, and enjoy!

Our fun and lightweight AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker boasts a non-slip, ergonomic design for easy handling, allowing you to make batch after batch of creative holiday pies without feeling stressed and fatigue. These molds are versatile and suitable for biscuits, sugar cookies, pie crusts, sandwiches, and more. Crafted from premium, non-toxic materials, they're built to last, enduring daily use and washing without damage or rust!


 Fun Christmas-Themed Pie Molds

Introducing the ultimate AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker for all your festive culinary adventures! These delightful pie molds embrace the Christmas spirit with a choice of three charming shapes: the classic Christmas tree, cozy glove, and delicate snowflake. You can even get all three in one set! With these hand pie maker, crafting your favorite sweet or savory pocket pies has never been easier. They infuse your creations with a delightful blend of whimsy and festive charm. The result? Baked desserts that transform into deliciously eye-catching, creatively-shaped treats, sure to amaze and entice anyone who sets eyes on them.
Whether you're an experienced baker or a beginner, these molds make pie-making a cinch. Your culinary creations will not only taste fantastic but also look absolutely enchanting, perfect for spreading holiday cheer at any gathering. Get ready to impress your friends and family with your baking skills and a touch of Christmas magic with AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker!


Effortless Molding with Precision

Our hand pie maker are designed to make pie-making quick and easy. They're equipped with sharp patterned bottoms that smoothly cut and shape your flattened dough, ensuring a hassle-free process. These patterns also serve a dual purpose by allowing steam to escape during baking, resulting in perfectly cooked, delicious pies.

Moreover, each mold boasts a hinged design, simplifying the task of securely sealing your filled pies in no time. These molds are lightweight and offer exceptional non-slip features, ensuring a secure grip even with wet or sweaty hands. They provide comfort during extended use, preventing hand fatigue, cramps, and discomfort. You can confidently create batch after batch of your favorite treats! Here's how it works: Start by using the patterned bottom to mold and cut the dough into shape. Then, place the cut dough on each side of the mold. Next, add your choice of savory or sweet fillings. Close the mold to seal the pie, and you're ready to pop it into the oven. It's as simple as that! With our molds, you can create beautifully crafted, mouthwatering pies without any fuss or hassle.


Versatile Tool for a Variety of Delights

This handy gadget isn't just limited to pie-making; it's perfect for an array of culinary creations. Beyond pies, it's suitable for crafting delectable biscuits, sweet sugar cookies, perfect pie crusts, luscious fudges, delightful sandwiches, flavorful cheeses, flatbreads, and a host of other delicious possibilities.

With its versatility, this tool becomes your go-to for preparing adorably baked goods for a wide range of occasions. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, snacks, tea time, bento boxes, picnics, hiking trips, camping adventures, field excursions, vacations, barbecue nights, or pool parties, it has you covered. This kitchen essential ensures that your culinary imagination knows no bounds, letting you create mouthwatering delights for any event or setting.


Exceptional Quality for Your Baking Adventures

Crafted from top-tier, food-grade thickened ABS plastic materials, AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker boast remarkable durability and impressive heat-resistant properties. Their construction ensures they can withstand the test of time, offering you long-lasting reliability for all your baking needs.

Furthermore, these pie makers are 100% BPA-free, guaranteeing that they can safely come into direct contact with any food product without the risk of chemical leaching. This ensures that your baked creations are not only delightful but also safe to enjoy. Another noteworthy feature is their ability to remain odor-free even after multiple uses. Cleaning these pie molds is a breeze, whether you choose to hand wash them or use a dishwasher. They maintain their pristine condition, resisting deformation, breakage, and corrosion over years of service and countless washes. Invest in these premium-quality pie molds, and you'll have a reliable companion for your culinary endeavors for years to come!



  • Material: BPA-Free Food-grade ABS Plastic
  • Style: Christmas tree / Snowflake / Glove
  • Size:



  • 1 x AEXZR™ Christmas Hand Pie Maker

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